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Friday, 26-May-2006 03:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Sayonara entry

Sadly, this could be my last posting. I am going back to Malaysia next week and there is a big possibility that it will be difficult for me to update while I am there. I am sure to take many photos during my holidays, and who knows, maybe even get a new camera Anyway, I am coming back for another fun yet busier academic year possibly in early September, so until next time, whenever that will be, live life to the fullest.

I couldn't decide what to put up as my last posting. No new experiments have been done. Nothing. So this last entry is pretty boring. My apology to all. Hence the most obvious one is this:

Today in 3rd floor of Abercrombie Building of Oxford Brookes University at 6pm local time there will be held one of the best events ever: The End of Year Exhibition. What will happen is that architecture students from all years get the chance to put their works up for display for the public to view. For first year, our tutor Adam had a dream about how we were going to set our exhibition. Our semester work was about designing a gallery for an artist and most of us came up with the idea of pods and journeys et cetera and hence Adam suggested that we combine these ideas and integrate them into the exhibition. Why pink you may ask? a mystery

I will definitely take pictures later today, but I doubt that I have the time to post them unfortunately. So here are some photos of the early stages of the set up for First Year Exhibition which was taken on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I hope this event will go smoothly as planned
Goodbye first year, Hello second year.

One more thing, my family will all be leaving for Malaysia for good. So it is a big goodbye for them to UK. I took my brother Aiman to have his hair cut at Johnny's as usual last week. I always see this male barber shop in black and white for some reason, and hence I treated these photos in black and white. Goodbye Hendon Avenue, goodbye Finchley, goodbye London...and goodbye United Kingdom on behalf of my family.

Signing out for summer holiday,

Sunday, 21-May-2006 16:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Friday the 19th

View all 11 photos...
My camera ran out of battery on that day So many events!

1. Malaysia Week at Covent Garden - there were many activities such as fashion show, traditional dance, music, and many many more! It was quite an event! It ends today though Wonder when will be the next Malaysia Week
N.B. I forgot to put up some photos so I placed them as thumbnails instead.

2. The Lion King theatre - an absolute fun to watch!!!! LOVE IT! If you ever come to London, please please please go and watch it. It is an experience that you will remember forever. As it is forbidden to take photos inside the theatre, I snapped a photo of the door Better this than nothing

3. Another attempt on Light Trail


Thursday, 18-May-2006 13:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
All in one

Since I stopped by in Oxford today, I thought I just post these rather than wait for the weekend.

Three things:

1. My late entry on Light Trail. My apologies to borakPhoto members. Nothing much; just first few trials.

2. Visited Hampton Court with my family sometime this week, and I just have to post this photo!

3. Good news good news good news!!! I am so proud to be a part of this! We beat AA (Architectural Association)! Yeeehaaa! Read the following:


Top school outside London

The Department of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University has been named as the UK's leading school of architecture outside London in a new survey conducted by The Architect's Journal (AJ 4 May 2006 page 84).

In the survey the 100 largest architectural practices were asked to name the best school in the UK. Oxford Brookes came second overall, behind UCL but ahead of the Architectural Association as well as Cambridge, Cardiff, Sheffield and others.

'Oxford Brookes has long been seen as one of the UK's premier schools', said head of architecture Prof Mark Swenarton. To receive this sort of recognition from the UK's leading architectural employers is a real tribute to the school's staff as well as students and underlines Oxford Brookes' standing within the profession'.

Live life to the fullest everyone Until next time...


From me to you:
#1 is actually just the light from the torchlight. I didn't use any night mode like I did for #2 and #3. Just snapped it and voila!
The last pic...I wish I know the story behind it I guess it is up to you to make up the stories Tell me what you think because I would love to hear.

Friday, 12-May-2006 19:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Free and Lost

Yes to freedom!!!!

Photo taken by my bro Aizad in Portsmouth weeks ago. Planned to upload especially for today's occasion...just submitted my portfolio earlier this morning. Final submission for the year! What a relief! Hope I did OK , coz if so:
Goodbye first year, Hello second year!

Also included here, my bro Aizad and I's version of "Lost in Translation." Taken in Den Haag or The Hague, Holland, by my other lil bro Aiman. We were lost...or tried to look lost...



15/05/2006 at 22:00 UK
Hye! Just a few updates:
* I am back home in London where the pc is ridiculously slow! It took loads of patience to even write this little note here.
* I haven't been able to visit loads of fotopages and I apologize in advance! I will do so once I get back to Oxford. Promise!
* As many have known, borakPhoto Team is back with another task i.e. Light Trail. Please browse borakPhoto members' fotopages to see their Light Trail experiments by clicking their links on the left-hand side of the screen. I will upload mine, hopefully, this weekend as I will be back in Oxford by then.
* Until next time, take care, and 'Live life to the fullest!'

Monday, 8-May-2006 13:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Action Figure: Graphic

Yes, another entry on Action Figure.
Still in the mood of exploring the Action world.

So here is: The Action Figure Graphic.


The following is the result of the poll when it was closed at 1pm (UK), 8pm (Msia):

The result can also be viewed at borakPhoto official website
Thank you to everyone who took part in voting. Your votes meant a lot to each and every one of us.

p.s. Med, Odows, Ijad, Jza: Thanks for your help with this piece of action figure graphic

Dear all, Kak Ayu (Mademoiselle Ayu)'s grandma has just passed away. Condolence to Kak Ayu's family. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah.

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