By: Alynn Saripuddin

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Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 22:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A piece of Belgium


Belgium, famous for its Belgian chocolate! Had fun trying out different kinds of chocolate, but it came to the point when enough is enough

Nevertheless, what stayed on my memory was its Brussel Centraal station. It was not what I had in mind, and definitely different compared to Amsterdam's. Dark and dirty on the side where I first came out of the train. So unfortunate as Brussel is a lovely place.



:~: jza: dah bagi dah sket hari tu sedap kan?
:~: Edoras -The Amateur Photographer: hehehe not around Europe. just Holland and Belgium...for now hehehehe.
:~: <- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->: thank you
:~: maderjem: yay!
:~: the other ax: not ready yet
:~: lea: thank you lea! hehe london home?
:~: fazilah: hehehe biasa la kak ila snap je keje. hehe. loh keje byk? good luck in finishing them
:~: peragut chinta suci: great to know that you liked it!
:~: medusa: hehehe med pun nak join ke the dark side?
:~: nizam: hehehe tersembunyi sket org2 tu thank u nizam
:~: risya: cucuk yang x menjadi lagi thanx risya
:~: Mademoiselle Ayu: hahaha dah free chocolate testing, siapa x suka hehe.
:~: Kaoru: sou desu ne kaoru...mata isshou ni ikimashou
:~: odows: compositing? really? cool thanx odows

Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 21:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
More black and white?

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Unconciously, I have been taking photos in black and white. I don't know if that is a good or a bad sign, but here are some photos of Amsterdam...without colour.
How do you find them?



:~: jza: yay! someone likes my b/w entry! hehehe.
:~: Edoras -The Amateur Photographer: yes, i took them in b/w mode. i dont know much about photoshop still in early stage of learning~
:~: juru jual kedai beskal:
:~: <- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->: thank you thank you thank you!
:~: maderjem: hahaha ready to join the dark side ek
:~: MamaFaMi: hehehe x pandai pun lagi mama. tgh nak coba coba hehe cantik ek thank you!
:~: hanis:
:~: Dasheela: hehe i know, its a bit blurry but this is my fav pic, blurry or no blurry hehehe.
:~: ax: join jangan x join pic besar tu mmg best. my fav out of all.
:~: peminat beskal antik: hahahaha finally you've got your beskal photos
:~: medusa: iye med? hehe thank you
:~: Mademoiselle Ayu: thanks a bunch!!
:~: Tulip: hehehehe tgk jgn x tgk
:~: odows: xde sesapa ajar. sendiri join beskal mmg byk kat holland tu yg amik tu

Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 20:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Amsterdam at Night

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Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful at night.
I don't think I did it justice in these photos, but I tried my best .



:~: jza: true.
:~: tokey kedai beskal: edit 24 hours? mana ade tokey. i know, the pics are a bit dark what to do~~~
:~: jemster: hehehe thank you
:~: <- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->:
:~: azli: did i? hehe. i was more interested in sharing something different than typical famous attractions but true, i should have also posted some
:~: ax: oooops not enough light ek? i dunno much about camera mcm mana nak tau setting semua. i wont give up tho coz i loooove night shots! just need some guidance and more practice
:~: Mademoiselle Ayu: hehehe thank you kak Ayu
:~: odows:

Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 18:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Windmill updates


Posted here are some more photos on the windmills. I did not get the chance to show them in colour, and hence here they are.

p.s. I know I should have cropped the sky part a bit...but am too tired Too many editings done!


:~: jza:
:~: jemster: because i dunno how to do framing with shadows n everything plz teach me later2
:~: <- Jeff®i @ FM0666 -> : THANK YOU!
:~: MamaFaMi:
:~: Dasheela: hehe ive got to learn how to brighten the pic first
:~: ax:
:~: RK: hehehe thanx!
:~: medusa: thank you med
:~: Mademoiselle Ayu: seronok jangan x seronok
:~: Edoras -The Amateur Photographer: yes there are close-ups..i forgot to put them in
:~: Tulip: thanx Tulip
:~: odows: memang mendung weather not so nice at that time

Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 17:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spring Collection 2006

Let's start with tulips ;)
View all 18 photos...

My Spring Collection!!! FINALLY! Haha, even I'm relieved to post these photos!!

These photos were taken from various places, both in UK and Holland. The funny thing is I went all the way to Holland in hope to find tulips, but they were not bloomed yet . However, as soon as I reached London, all I saw were tulips!

In UK, photos were taken from my house in Hendon Avenue and Regent's Park. Regent's Park is beautiful!!!!!!! Full of blooming flowers! Love it there In Holland, there was this park which I cannot recall the name Nothing much there but there were a few flowers so I thought I took photos of them too.

Spring is definitely the best time!

This entry is dedicated to my mama who was here last week to enjoy spring together, and to Med the Minah Munge


p.s. There are too many photos of them, I know. Do take the time to look at them though. My fav has to be this big pic of pink tulips Hope you like it too.
p.s. Just learnt how to put frame/border. So I thought of trying it out
p.s. This big photo has been edited by Jemster. Thank you!!!!!


:~: beskal: sila ke 'more black and white?' entry khas utk peminat2 beskal
:~: jza: thanks for the advice jza i'll explore more about rule of the thirds.
:~: jemster: hahahaha x prasan lak random tu ada byk zzzzz thanx for editing the tulips fendy
:~: cuyus: sekuntum bunga yg mana yus? byk bunga tu.
:~: chuck: fav gak
:~: medusa: wah save as wallpaper lagi tu! best best teruja~
:~: baruang: pinjam idea? what idea? btw thanx.
:~: Tulip: throw one? throw many la

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