By: Alynn Saripuddin

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Tuesday, 13-Mar-2007 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Talking about that one moment - I think this is it. She glanced at Yume in split second, and I got her
Photo taken at Adam's birthday party.

Happy 1st Birthday to Adam Harris (06Mac)
Happy 21st Birthday to Alynn Saripuddin (05Mac)
Happy Birthday to all March-ians out there

I was tagged by three Fotopagers, Mademoiselle Ayu, Hanis, and Lea! So here are six weird things about me:

1. I am obsessed with tigers and have been collecting anything (yes, anything!) that has tiger patterns on it. The list of tiger pattern items that I currently have...are endless. 'You name it, I have it' sort of thing

2. I have a habit of re-arranging the furniture and all the stuff in my room every month. I can't stand the things being at the same place for over a month. Need a fresh start.

3. Once I fall in love with a particular song, I will listen to it until I am sick of it. Usually days, sometimes weeks, and my iTunes is set at "Repeat one."

4. People who know me don't recognize me at times (and so resulting in sheer ignorance of my presence) because they say I look different. Some people say I look Indian, some say Spanish, and some say somewhere from South America Weird innit.

5. I am capable of making an A&W bear face Only some people have seen me with such face but none has ever got the chance to photograph it. Well, they will never get the chance actually

6. Finally, I have an umbrella which has an age of eight years old i.e. since I was 13 It even has mickey mouse patterns Unfortunately it is too old and not usable now and so it has been replaced with a new one last week. No more mickey

Anyway, I am not tagging anyone else. My debt is settled, and that's what matters


Tuesday, 20-Feb-2007 19:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Drop by Drop

Pheww, I'm sure many have got tired looking at the snow photos

Anyway, my Photography Outside the Studio module's final project will take place next Wednesday and since Week 1 until now, i.e. Week 4, I have been discussing with Paul about what I should do for my project. I have tried different experiments every week, and finally I have reached semi-full satisfaction Satisfied with my experiment, with the results, with the approach I have taken - thank you Paul for your guidance! I had fun!

This is not my submission yet because I will explore varying the aperture a bit before finalizing the shots, but I'm sure they won't be far off from these Wish me luck!


UPDATED 10032007

Apology for the long silence. Week 6 of second semester and things are getting uglier. Anyway, here are my final 9 images for my final Photography project and the mark I got. I was hoping for another 95% because it'll be wicked for a hat-trick Nonetheless am grateful and happy that I managed to get a 1st and as written there, I will get a prime place at the end of year exhibition! Can't wait!

Thursday, 8-Feb-2007 22:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Winter Sonata

Yes, it snowed finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tutorial was cancelled; hurriedly went to borrow 50mm f2.8 lense from university; and had super fun time with Kaoru and Yang!!!! Seriously everything felt like in a movie (particularly Winter Sonata); it was absolute magical Winter has never been so much fun! I'm so glad I have Yume to capture these moments.

Kaoru and Yang's photos were taken by myself, whereas mine was taken by Yang. Thank you!


Sunday, 4-Feb-2007 10:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Those 'lucky' boots


OMG, I won! This photo was chosen as the winner of the photo challenge #139: Song Title. It was a last minute thing and my first time to join such challenge but I won hehe! Thanks Azraai for telling me about the challenge, and thanks for choosing my 'lucky' boots

Click here to view the photo challenge

I guess now I've got to think of a topic for Photo Challenge #140 then


Updated 06022007

I've chosen the topic "Self-Portrait" for Photo Challenge #140 Come and join the fun! Click here to know more about the challenge.

Wednesday, 31-Jan-2007 22:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Taking that road


This is my submission for Borakphoto's #9 assignment.
Simple. Taken at a nearby park. I struggled.

p.s. Semester two has started.


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