By: Alynn Saripuddin

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Saturday, 20-Jan-2007 16:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
For her


This entry is dedicated to my cousin, Kak da.
She's going to get engaged in February, and I am so happy for her!!
One thing though...I won't be here when her big day comes I will miss the chance to witness the ceremony and capture the whole engagement event. Thankfully I managed to go to Kak da's house today and Yume did her thing

Kak da, hope you like it. This is all I can do for now to replace my absence on your engagement day

p.s. 5 days left of Cuti-cuti Malaysia.

Thursday, 18-Jan-2007 07:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark


Couldn't find real life models so these dolls posed for Yume instead

I am so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and I miss water.
p.s. Seven days left of Cuti-cuti Malaysia


Thursday, 28-Dec-2006 03:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Curious George

An update, finally!
The long silence was due to end of semester submissions and then all the things to consider before coming back to Malaysia for the Christmas break. Currently am back in Malaysia for a week, and on day 4, met with George here at my tok's house. He had to be caged because he is a wild monkey. George was very keen about Yume; kept looking at her whenever she was pointed at him. Hence the name Curious George was given to him. Out of the many shots, this is my favourite

Although the internet connection is super slow at home (this is my 6th attempt to update this entry; very very slow connection!), I will definitely try to visit your fotopages.

On holiday mode,


Thursday, 30-Nov-2006 02:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Look UP

Like I predicted in my previous entry, the end product for the actual Photography presentation would be different. In some ways.
Well there is still water (coloured this time!), but the experiments varied and having the blue sky as the backdrop really had a great impact on the photos

Presentation went well, alhamdulillah, thanks to EVERYONE who have helped me gone through some rough time developing the idea for this project (Fakhrul, thank you tolong pecahkan belon and got all wet in this cold weather!), and now I can concentrate on my portfolio and essays which are due within two weeks time.

Apology for the delayed comments on many fotopages, and apology to Borakphoto for the recent task which I haven't submitted yet. Will submit it when things begin to slow down.

Look up people, and enjoy

Can't wait for end of sem,


HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO MY FOTOPAGES!! It has been a year since I first joined fotopages with my Hyde Park entry on 30112005. Time flies so fast...

"Quick account stats: You have 83 entries and 320 fotos
Account Storage stats: You are using 180.44% (45.11MB out of 25MB) of your personal storage"

UPDATED 05122006

Thank you all for commenting! Will get back to you gradually, one at a time. Today has been a very very Happy day for me, Design Crit went extremely well and I got back my marks for photography! Two more essays and a portfolio left...
Take care everyone


Thursday, 23-Nov-2006 21:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In search for perfection

Have not yet decided on the topic for Project II: The Photographer's Eye for Photography Outside the Studio module. The presentation for this project will be held next week on Wednesday.

In search for the perfect topic, I played with tomato and water.
I have a feeling the end product for the actual presentation will be different from this though.
Nonetheless I am just super excited and feel that it is a MUST to share this shot with you


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